Teri Schmidt - Lebanon, OH
Lebanon, OH
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, Acute Care, Charge Nursing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Floor Nursing, Home Health, Hospice, IV Therapy, Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Newborn, Orthopedics, Pediatric, Pediatric Home Care, Pediatrics, Peri-Operative, Perioperative Nursing, Pre Operation (Pre Op)...
About: Teri Schmidt, MSN, RN, CPN, Legal Nurse Consultant, offers services to organizations in need of medical records review, interpretation, or analysis. I offer services for plaintiff as well as defense clients and can locate testifying experts. rnrnI am a Registered Nurse and is certified as an...
Gwendolyn Shelby - Grand Blanc, Michigan
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, , Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Home Health, Medical Record Review, Open Heart Surgery, Operating Room (OR), Perioperative Nursing, Registered Nurse (RN), Risk Management
LaTresia Boone - Stockbridge, GA
Stockbridge, GA
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, Demonstrative Evidence, Legal Ethics, Legal Malpractice, Legal Research, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Acupuncture, Acute Care, Addiction, , Allergy, Alzheimer's, Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Assisted Living, Bariatric Surgery, Billing-Medical Billing...
About: Hello. My name is LaTresia Boone and I've been a nurse since 1999. I am an advanced legal nurse consultant and have a passion for problem solving, researching and analyzing information. I have extensive experience as a peri anesthesia nurse. I've worked in areas to include, pre-admit testing, preop,...
Shaun Sever - Oscoda, MI
Oscoda, MI
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, Acute Care, , Emergency Room (ER), Infection Control, IV Therapy, Pediatrics, Registered Nurse (RN), Staff Nursing, Stroke, Telemetry, Trauma, Triage
About: SPLNC legal nurse consultants are advanced, medical-legal experts. They assist attorneys and their staff by analyzing medical records and creating supporting reports for medically-related cases. They have extensive and ongoing professional training, proven skills and necessary experience. SPLNC...
Gay Wilson - Bridgewater, MA
Bridgewater, MA
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, , Cardiac, Floor Nursing, Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Orthopedics, Registered Nurse (RN), Telemetry
Bedside RN in acute medical center with 6 years' cardiac/telemetry experience and 10 years' orthopedic experience.
Kathi Knipfer - Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, , Case Management, Home Health, Hospice, Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Operating Room (OR), Peri-Operative, Perioperative Nursing, Post anesthesia care unit (PACU), Post Operation (Post Op), Pre Operation (Pre Op), Registered Nurse (RN)
Deborah Nussdorf - Londonderry, NH
Londonderry, NH
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, Acute Care, , Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Case Management, Charge Nursing, Child-Adolescent Development, Critical Care, Critical Care Unit (CCU), Death Investigation, Diabetes, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Floor Nursing, Hypertension, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)...
Michael Savage - ,
Specialties: Legal Nurse Consultant, Endoscopy, Home Health, Hospice, Infection Control, Medical Devices, Medical Record Review, Operating Room (OR), Orthopedics, Peri-Operative, Perioperative Nursing, Pharmaceutical, Post Operation (Post Op), Pre Operation (Pre Op), Registered Nurse (RN), Risk Management...