Case Management Legal Support Service

The Grail Group, LLC
York New Salem, Pennsylvania
Specialties: Case Management, Product Liability, Product Safety, Altered Medical Records, Document Analysis, Government Regulation, Public Safety, Claims Investigation, Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Demonstrative Evidence, Healthcare, Legal Ethics, Legal Research, Medical Malpractice...
Occupational Resource Network
Westerly, Rhode Island
Specialties: Case Management, Risk Management, Product Liability, Product Safety, Disability Evaluation, Employability, Lost Earnings, Vocational Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation, Workplace Safety, Disability Benefits, Workers' Compensation, Divorce, Employment and Labor, Legal Research, Medical Malpractice...
About: Founded in 1995, Occupational Resource Network, Inc. provides vocational rehabilitation and assessments, as well as legal nurse consultants and expert witness services and solutions. With a mission to provide customized and creative services necessary to resolve the complex issues that may arise in...
A&H Consulting
Spokane, WA
Specialties: Case Management, Acute Care, , Alzheimer's, Charge Nursing, Devices and Equipment, Diabetes, Elder Abuse, Elder Care, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Emergency Room (ER), Fall Protection, Floor Nursing, Geriatrics, Hypertension, Infection Control, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), IV Therapy...
About: Services include: Assist with obtaining medical records, Identify, interpret and review medical records for merit, Identify missing records, Screen medical records for tampering, Review hospital policies and procedures, Define adherence to and deviations from the applicable Standards of Care,...
The McKamie Group, LLC
Canton, MI
Specialties: Case Management, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injuries, Head Injury, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Record Review, Registered Nurse (RN)
Griggs Consulting
Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant
Ozark, Alabama
Specialties: Case Management, Acute Care, , Allergy, Alzheimer's, Anatomy, Behavioral Analysis, Billing-Medical Billing, Brain Injury, Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Charge Nursing, Clinical Psychiatry, Death Investigation, Dermatology, Diabetes, Elder Abuse, Elder Care, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Endoscopy...