Medical Surgical (Med-Surg) Consultants

Carolyn Rose - St Petersburg, FL
St Petersburg, FL
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Business Administration, Business Ethics, Management, Risk Management, Acute Care, Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Legal Nurse Consultant, Operating Room (OR), Orthopedics, Peri-Operative, Perioperative Nursing, Plastic Surgery, Registered Nurse (RN)...
About: I am an operating room nurse with experience in the clinical setting, education, and management. I have worked in Surgical Services for over 20 years. I received my nursing degree in the state of Illinois, and my business degrees in the state of Florida. I recently received my certification as an...
Jaclyn Thomas - Reed Point, MT
Reed Point, MT
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Allergy, Anatomy, Assisted Living, Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Charge Nursing, Diabetes, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Emergency Room (ER), Ethics, Fall Protection, Floor Nursing, Geriatrics, Hypertension, Infection Control...
About: I have worked as a Registered Nurse since 2013. Most of my work has been through travel nursing but on a variety of floors/specialties. I still currently work as a floor and ER nurse. I can assist with medical record review, reviewing for merit, report writing, timelines/chronolgies, research and...
LaTresia Boone - Stockbridge, GA
Stockbridge, GA
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Demonstrative Evidence, Legal Ethics, Legal Malpractice, Legal Research, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Acupuncture, Acute Care, Addiction, Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Allergy, Alzheimer's, Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Assisted Living...
About: Hello. My name is LaTresia Boone and I've been a nurse since 1999. I am an advanced legal nurse consultant and have a passion for problem solving, researching and analyzing information. I have extensive experience as a peri anesthesia nurse. I've worked in areas to include, pre-admit testing, preop,...
Gay Wilson - Bridgewater, MA
Bridgewater, MA
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Cardiac, Floor Nursing, Legal Nurse Consultant, Orthopedics, Registered Nurse (RN), Telemetry
Bedside RN in acute medical center with 6 years' cardiac/telemetry experience and 10 years' orthopedic experience.
Kathi Knipfer - Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Case Management, Home Health, Hospice, Legal Nurse Consultant, Operating Room (OR), Peri-Operative, Perioperative Nursing, Post anesthesia care unit (PACU), Post Operation (Post Op), Pre Operation (Pre Op), Registered Nurse (RN)
Jerry Yon - Lexington, KY
Lexington, KY
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Medical Malpractice, Gastroenterology, Medical Record Review
Deborah Nussdorf - Londonderry, NH
Londonderry, NH
Specialties: Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Acute Care, Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Case Management, Charge Nursing, Child/Adolescent Development, Critical Care, Critical Care Unit (CCU), Death Investigation, Diabetes, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Floor Nursing...