Engineering Consultants

Mohamed Aly
London, England
Specialties: Engineering, Corrosion, Materials, Plastics and Polymers
About: Academically, Alumnus of the Steel Institute (IEHK) of the RWTH Aachen Uni in Germany and a fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) at Kyoto Uni in Japan. Professionally, endorsed as Exceptional Talent by the Royal Academy of Engineers in the UK, a licenced chartered engineer...
John Lawrence Stevens
East Alton, IL
Specialties: Engineering, FDA Medical Devices, Food Safety, Product Safety, Products Labeling and Warnings, Biotechnology, Government Regulation, Healthcare, Cardiovascular, Devices and Equipment, Medical Devices
About: Over 20 years of FDA experience encompassing virtually all of the FDA field positions. Also eighteen years of industry experience as a mid-level manager and senior executive in clinical, regulatory, and quality in the medical device industry. for both major medical device corporation and start up...
Sanford Loy CCM BArch MSCE
Certified Construction Manager, Licensed General Contractor
Knoxville, TN
Specialties: Engineering, ADA Compliance, Architecture, Building Codes, Building Design, Building Foundations, Building Inspections, Building Materials, Commercial Development, Concrete, Construction Defects, Construction Management, Construction Safety, Drainage, Excavation, Sidewalks & Walking Surfaces...
About: I have had considerable success applying my 45 years of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction to expert witness assignments. One of the assets I bring to any case is my ability to understand the responsibilities, roles, and industry standards of care for the respective parties...
Gregory Schwaid
Tampa, Florida
Specialties: Engineering, Hazardous Materials, Disability Accessibility, Disability Evaluation, Employability, Social Security, Aeronautical and Aerospace, Asbestos, Ecology, Environmental Toxicology, Pollution / Emissions, Radon, Fire Department Procedures, Fire Safety, Mass Disasters, Public Safety...
About: I am a physician with board certifications in both occupational medicine and preventive medicine. I have over four years of experience working with attorneys, providing medical opinions for VA disability, Social Security disability, workers' compensation, student loan discharge, government pension,...
Frank Ferrantello
Plainview, NY
Specialties: Engineering, ADA Compliance, Boundary Disputes, Building Codes, Building Design, Building Inspections, Commercial Development, Construction Equipment, Construction Zones, DOT Rules and Regulations, Drainage, Flood, Highway & Street Design, Home Inspections, Land Development, Land Planning and Zoning...
About: Frank S. Ferrantello, PLS, is a New York State Licensed Land Surveyor with over 20 years of experience in Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Land Use Planning. Both his field and office Work experience have dealt with a wide range of projects and sites including residential single, multifamily, high...
Carl Berkowitz
Ph.D., PE
Delray Beach, FL
Specialties: Engineering, Construction Zones, Workplace Safety, Bus Safety & Bus Accidents, Ferry Safety, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Paratransit, Public Transportation, Railroad Crossings, Traffic Engineering, Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), OSHA Compliance
About: I have over 65 years of experience in many Transportation related areas such as Traffic Engineering, Pedestrian, Passenger and Bicycle Safety, Rail, Bus, Ferry, Paratransit, OSHA, FELA, Jones Act, Workplace and Work Zone Safety Railroad Crossings, Bus Accidents, MUTCD, and Federal and State...
Mitchell Lathrop
B.Sc., J.D., C.Arb., FCIArb
San Diego, California
Specialties: Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Asbestos, Pollution / Emissions, Securities, Claims Investigation, Construction Claims, Insurance Adjuster, Marine Insurance, Property Damage Appraisal, Real Estate Insurance, Underwriting, Insurance Law, Legal Malpractice
About: Mitchell L. Lathrop is a lawyer licensed in California, New York and the District of Columbia. After over 40 years in trial courts throughout the United States, he today restricts his practice to arbitration, mediation, and expert consulting and testimony in matters involving insurance, reinsurance,...
Karan Quintero
Miami, FL
Specialties: Engineering, Computer Networking, Data Management, General Computers, Assault, Safety, Sanitation, Telecommunication, Fire Safety, Automotive Accidents, Bacteriology, Document Analysis, Entomology, Pathology, Psychology, Public Safety, Demonstrative Evidence, Healthcare, Legal Ethics...
Medical plaintiff in-patient/out-patient torts
Scott Greene
I have testified in Litigation as a Digital Forensics Expert in many State and Federal Courts as well as arbitration hearings. I have qualified as an expert in digital evidence more than 50 times.
Tucson, Arizona
Specialties: Engineering, Computer Networking, Computer Security, Data Management, Data Recovery, General Computers, Information & Internet Technology (IT), Microcomputers, Social Media, Software, Airbags, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electronics, Audio Authentication, Computer Forensics...
About: For over 35 years, Scott Greene has been helping attorneys, judges, private individuals and IT departments understand data. Scott collects, analyzes, and explains complex electronic evidence in plain English. rnrn His extensive and diverse experiences allow him to be a Digital Forensics Expert in...
David Smith
Meridian, ID
Specialties: Engineering, Construction Equipment, Cranes and Hoists, Forklifts, Scaffolding and Rigging, Risk Management, Product Liability, Product Safety, General Engineering, Hydraulics, Kinematics, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Safety, Intellectual Property, Devices and Equipment, Fall Protection...
About: Experienced mechanical engineer (MS, PE) with seven issued patents. Award winning inventor. Vice President of Alpine Engineering and Design, a mechanical engineering consulting company with clients around the United States ranging from individual inventors to Fortune 500 companies. Worked on the...