Registered Nurse (RN) Consultants

Nicole Sampson - Spokane, WA
Spokane, WA
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), , Anatomy, Antepartum, Charge Nursing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Floor Nursing, Gynecology, Infertility, Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU), IV Therapy, Labor & Delivery, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Devices, Midwife - Midwifery, Newborn, Nurse Practitioner, Obstetrics...
Andrea Ward - New Rochelle, NY
New Rochelle, NY
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), General Computers, Social Media, , Charge Nursing, Diabetes, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Fall Protection, Floor Nursing, Hematology, Hypertension, Infection Control, IV Therapy, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Oncology, Outpatient, Pain Management...
About: I am a Registered Nurse with 12 years of nursing experience, and greatly motivated in seeking legal nurse consulting opportunities, in order to perform case reviews while offering a comprehensive knowledge of the nursing standards of care. I have experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings....
Samantha Nice - Wetumpka, AL
Wetumpka, AL
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Altered Medical Records, Document Analysis, Workers' Compensation, Healthcare, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Acute Care, , Allergy, Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Charge Nursing, Devices and Equipment, Diabetes, Dialysis, Electronic Medical Records (EMR)...
About: I am an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant and owner of Nice Medical Legal Consultants. As a Registered Nurse I consult with attorneys, by reviewing, interpreting, and analyzing medical records that are a part of medical malpractice, personal injury, wrongful death, and other medically-related cases,...
Martha Stewart - Johnson City, Tennessee
Johnson City, Tennessee
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Acute Care, , Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Home Health, Legal Nurse Consultant, Surgical intensive care units (SICU), Telemetry
Registered Nurse with 29 years experience in critical care, Med-Surg and Home Health. Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant.
Bev Tackett - Milford, OH
Milford, OH
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Auditing, General Accounting, Product Liability, Assault, Radon, Altered Medical Records, Automotive Accidents, Bloodstain Patterns, Document Analysis, Pathology, Questioned Document Examiner, Mass Disasters, Claims Investigation, Disability Benefits, Health Insurance...
About: I have been an advanced legal nurse consultant since 2005. I have reviewed medical records for medical-malpractice; personal injury; along with the world trade center cases and mass law suits. I am very detail-oriented and try to tell my attorneys the good and the bad of each of the cases, so there...
Karan Quintero - Miami, FL
Miami, FL
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Computer Networking, Data Management, General Computers, Assault, Safety, Sanitation, Telecommunication, Fire Safety, Automotive Accidents, Bacteriology, Document Analysis, Entomology, Pathology, Psychology, Public Safety, Demonstrative Evidence, Healthcare, Legal Ethics...
Medical plaintiff in-patient/out-patient torts
Kristina Stickel - Whippany, NJ
Whippany, NJ
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Legal Nurse Consultant, Newborn, Staff Nursing
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Auditing, Acute Care, , Anatomy, Devices and Equipment, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Ethics, Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Devices, Medical Record Review, Medical Surgical (Med-Surg), Obstetrics, Operating Room (OR), Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management...
Robyn Zatkulak - Moseley, va
Moseley, va
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), , Post anesthesia care unit (PACU)
Mary Ellen Bouve - Plymouth , MA
Plymouth , MA
Specialties: Registered Nurse (RN), Acute Care, Charge Nursing, Critical Care, Critical Care Unit (CCU), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Home Health, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Legal Nurse Consultant, Medical Record Review, Neonatal, Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (NICU), Newborn, Pain Management...
Registered nurse with 14+ years of experience in a Level III/IV Neonatal ICU (NICU) at a top Pediatric hospital in Boston. Additional experience in Pediatric ICU (PICU), home care, discharge planning, and physician review.